Thursday, December 10, 2015

~*CT Tags*~ Hungry Hill Scraps (CDO)

Artwork ©Robert Alvarado
Tube Package 1

Purchase the Tube Bundle
(tubes and matching kit)

This question has come up a few times and some people didn't realize that you can get the scrap kit portion of a bundle pack so we thought we'd put out a little reminder as to how! Let's say you have been gifted a 3 pack of tubes. And you want the bundle kit to go with it. Yes, you can buy the kit part of the package if you own the 3 pack off tubes.
Lets say one month you buy 2 images and the following month you buy the 3rd one in the pack but you want the matching kit. YES you can buy this once you own all three in that package!
Here is how you do it. You can buy it from this link Order Kit
In the box field Just add Buying Matching kit to Artist name and package number. Once we receive this order we will go into the store or to our spreadsheet and verify you own the package or single tubes from the package and then we will email you the kit.
Very simple very quick! So don't miss out!!!

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